Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stop Health Care - Sign The Restraining Order

We live in unprecedented times, when elected official can "Deem and Pass" legislation without a majority. These unrestrained politicians represent only their special interests and personal agenda. How did they get there? That's another story. Where are they taking us? That is the big issue. How do we stop them. One way to stop them is to use the law against them.
By filing an Injunction as "The American People -vs- The U.S. Legislature"

Injunction are used to stop someone from doing something that could adversely affect the party filling the injunction. In this case the American people are filing an Injunction against the Federal Government because the actions of the government if left unchecked will adversely and irreparably affect the welfare of the people. This is exactly what an injunction is for.

If you oppose the current Health Care Bill simply sign your name, city and state as a comment under this post when we have enough signatures we will file the injunction. Nobody will call you or bug you about it. We don't need your money just your signature, city and state.