Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proof that Political Parties Purposely Mislead the American Electorate.

It is not in question whether political parties lie about each other. Both left and right produce adds designed to mislead the public so when we get a chance to expose such abuses we want to pass that on to you.

In this case it was the DNC that used articles and interviews some from CNBC to create the latest misleading add. FactCheck.org has since exposed their lie and posted the truth on their site. You can visit the site and read their findings by using the FactCheck.org link provided in the previous line.

Let this be a warning of things to come. With the election just months away, don't believe everything you hear from any political party, always do your own research and check things out. A little footwork on our part can spare us the embarrassing foot in the mouth so often a result of simply repeating misinformation. Why find out later that the story we shared was tainted with the personal bias or out right lie of the one reporting. The truth is out there and it is our responsibility to find it, so go find it and then spread the truth.

What our political process needs now is truth and nothing but the truth.

Good day!