Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How is Dominating Who Mr. President?

This President basked in the superior majority he had in the House and Senate when he first took office, he passed his Porkulus Bill and his Ominous Bill; a trillion dollars spent in the first 3 months of his presidency without considering one GOP vote.

So who is he referring to as those people who have been dominating the scene in Washington? It couldn't be the GOP.

No! Who he’s really referring to is us, the American people. The GOP could do nothing against Obama without the backing of the people.
The truth is the people aren't backing the GOP the GOP is simply supporting the people. It is we the people who have rejected this president’s tendency to ignore the will of the people, in his quest for domination. So President Obama is the dominator not the GOP. And now his party is going to lose control because the people are tired of him dominating ways.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proof that Political Parties Purposely Mislead the American Electorate.

It is not in question whether political parties lie about each other. Both left and right produce adds designed to mislead the public so when we get a chance to expose such abuses we want to pass that on to you.

In this case it was the DNC that used articles and interviews some from CNBC to create the latest misleading add. FactCheck.org has since exposed their lie and posted the truth on their site. You can visit the site and read their findings by using the FactCheck.org link provided in the previous line.

Let this be a warning of things to come. With the election just months away, don't believe everything you hear from any political party, always do your own research and check things out. A little footwork on our part can spare us the embarrassing foot in the mouth so often a result of simply repeating misinformation. Why find out later that the story we shared was tainted with the personal bias or out right lie of the one reporting. The truth is out there and it is our responsibility to find it, so go find it and then spread the truth.

What our political process needs now is truth and nothing but the truth.

Good day!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Racial Profiling Scam in Arizona

What President Obama and the Liberal Progressive far left are doing in Arizona is despicable. Trying to seize on the fears of Mexican Americans in order to create outrage and bolster support for their mid-term elections coming up.
People like Al Sharpton should be ashamed of themselves for using the crisis in Arizona for personal fame and fortune. It is all a political money venture. A distraction used by a failure of a congress to try and sway people by creating a crisis.
It is intellectual dishonesty to suggest that the law past to enforce the laws that already exist would somehow take well serving police and border patrol officers and turn them into insane bigots bent on racial profiling. How absurd can you get? Who would even buy into such idiocy?
Well there you have it a lot of people will believe anything they hear coming from the mouth of these politicians and media outlets.
Get a clue people the media both left and right use controversy to spur ratings. The hook for a popular right of center media outlet today was that the new law was creating racial profiling. Kind of grabs you and makes you want to listen to what they have to say. That is the point people. But the truth will set you free.
The truth is no law needed to be passed for anyone to be a bigot, and the passage of the law will not force those who would normally respect all people to turn into bigoted monsters.
The truth is the new law does forbid racial profiling and anyone who stops anyone on the street simply because they assume they are illegal will find themselves in court.
The truth is the new Arizona law upholds the constitution.
The truth is they are only trying to protect the people of the State of Arizona from further harm. They are just trying to stop the violence and give the Sheriff and Police the power to actually do their job without fear of being sued, so long as they do their job under the legal framework outlined by the law.
As too the suggestion that someone stopping a person of Hispanic decent and asking them about their legal status being somehow a kind of racial profiling, that too is a intellectual dishonest assumption.
If a border patrol officer watching the people climbing over the fence in those border video's they have been airing on the news was asked to give a description of the men crossing the border illegally in the video what do you suppose that description would be; "Ah I don't know, he was male or female, somewhere between black and white with a build something like a man, and he/she was wearing clothes with colors." Come on how ridiculous can you be.
The guy would most likely say; "It was a male about medium build around 5' 7" of Hispanic decent with a dark work out suit, having a white stripe going down the side.

Would he be a racial profiler for giving that description? Absolutely not! And neither were the Border Patrol who used to show up at my field during the 1980's when I farmed for a living. They would show up and guess what, they were not looking for a man by the name of Howard Johnson. They were mostly questioning Hispanic males and that is because that is who was out in my field. And if the police stop and question a Hispanic man who is acting suspicious or doesn't possess any ID that would help the officer to determine his legal or illegal status it is perfectly alright for the officer to detain that individual and hold him for further questioning pending proof of citizenship or greencard. He is not racial profiling simply because the person is Hispanic or Korean, or any other race other than white.
And frankly I am very worried when our President doesn't come out supporting the above thesis but rather suggesting that he is more concerned about the law abiding then he is the law breakers.
It makes me wonder how can he possible navigate us through the treacherous waters of foreign affairs if he can't even handle a simple domestic problem like securing our borders.

It's time for action not wimp noodle politics. It's time for courageous people to step up and do the right thing regardless of the fringe elements that protest any and everything they deem as racial.
Keeping the border safe is a national security issue not just an Arizona issue. That is why I am supporting the Arizona legislature on this one. Good job and well done.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Message Behind the Message

How Web adds are being used to counter act negative sentiment over Obama's 2009 Stimulus Package.

Recently I was just cruising online when I noticed an add link that read, "Go back to School with Obama's Stimulus." Of course the headline was just a hook used by online institutions to get your name and address etc. But the message behind the add was obvious. Obama is that good guy who passed the stimulus that is really helping people get ahead.
What is omitted in the statement is:
1. The stimulus did not create jobs like promised, therefore we languish as a nation in a jobless recovery.
2. The stimulus bailed out Lenders and Insurance Companies but no regulations were ever enacted that guarantee those bailouts would benefit job creators.
3. The stimulus was chock full of pork barrel projects designed as kick backs for campaign political favors to special interests and big business, as well as long standing far left liberal objectives that do nothing to help the economy recover, except that a few jobs will be created as a result of their implementation.
Consider Nancy Pelosi's two million dollars pork project devoted to studying the environmental impact on field mice in the San Fransisco Bay Area as an example here.
No doubt a couple of environmentalists will be kept busy for a few years taking samples and doing objective studies for this project. Whether those scientists will be new hires or already working for the University that gets the bit is up in the air. However, it is clear that the University getting the bit gets 2 million dollars, and Nancy Pelosi gets the kick back from the University which now has a good reason to push support for Pelosi on students and faculty in upcoming political elections.
Now I have heard senators and others argue that the whole reason we have such representatives in Washington is to make sure some of the tax dollars get funneled back to our state. In their opinion people like Sen. Pelosi are just doing their job when they get pork barrel projects inserted into Bills on the floor; And to be quite honest there is an element of truth to that. However it is clear that the agenda of some legislators is not to represent their constituents or even the overall welfare of the their state, but to achieve some personal ideological objective through the power provided by holding the office.
In the case of Nancy Pelosi her views on conservation are clearly at the extreme left of the spectrum which is fine for her. My only concern is how can we truly serve this nation by catering to such extremes. In my opinion while a Senators personal worldview my be extreme to the left or right, that same Senator has an obligation to their constituency to divorce themselves from that personal agenda in some measure in order to truly serve the will of the people. That is if I truly want what is best for them.
So while some may argue that Nancy is simply doing her job in the above scenario concerning the field mouse study, I would say she is merely serving her own personal far left activist tendencies as a Senator. Further more I submit to you the reader; that it is this type of catering to the extremism that has all but destroyed California business sector and brought us to the brink of ruin financially as a state.
Now Senator Pelosi would have you believe that her study is a jobs creator. And while we have admitted that some jobs would be created by this study. Those jobs create by the study would be limited and temporary. However the impact of her study could have long range implications for business and jobs. Because as it goes the next time someone wants to build a parking garage or a business park of any kind, fees will need too be paid to see if their project in any way endangers the now recorded mouse habitat. Then if it is determined that their project encroaches on the habitat of the mouse it will take courts actions and lengthy litigation or negotiations to over come the objections imposed by the two or three scientists who made 2 million dollars for the University that is now beholden to Nancy Pelosi. Mean while the project which would have created sustained employment beginning with its construction and followed by the businesses that would have resided there is held up by the result of the pork barrel project that was supposedly supposed to produce jobs.
What an irony such things are, but it goes on all the time by progressive politicians like Nancy Pelosi. This is why a more balanced approach is needed in government and why so many people on the left and the right are up in arms these days.
People are tired of activist politicians who only agenda is to remain in office so they can serve their own personal self interests. People are tired of corruption and waste in the system. People are fed up with backdoor last minute pork barrel insertions into House Bills designed as kickbacks to special interest or as political sway over a predetermined electoral demographic. Such legislating doesn't serve the true needs of the people or the State, it merely serves the interests of the politician who benefits from it. And the American electorate seems to finally be getting the message of this.
After years of simply voting on the basis of party line or personal benefit we are beginning to question the motives and overall effects of certain extremist politicians who promise us hope and change only to constantly retract from their campaign promises. Then when pressed we find that the only thing that is changed is their position, and the only hope we have is that in just a couple years we can rid ourselves of them. Yet we must live with the fallout of their poor decisions long after their departure. Which is why people are motivated at this point.
Voters are more up on the issues than ever before. Even with all the misinformation and lack of objective reporting in the news media people are not just swallowing information hook line and sinker. They dig more now then before, they question more now because they know that a politician in most cases is just that, a politicians.
So the subliminal message that Obama is a good guy and the stimulus is a good thing encapsulated in the words, "Go back to school with Obama's stimulus," actually translates to my brain, "Go ahead go back to school, don't worry about the cost we'll just tax your kids for it later." No thanks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Redefining Politics

As a conservative I wish everything in the political world went my way, but I realize I may not speak for the majority of the people, which brings up a few interesting questions.

Why is it so hard for politicians to just vote the will of the people?

Why is it when the majority of Americans polled voice their opposition to some legislative action being suggested by the government that our elected officials feel the freedom to vote their will over the will of their constituents?

I mean how hard could it be in this age of electronic information to determine the will of the people in your district or state on any given measure?

When most everyone has access to a computer, either at home or the local library. You could simply post a survey poll on your personal political website where constituents could login and vote on anything; you could run a community forums as an online townhall meeting and list pros and cons of the measure and then ask your constituents to voice their opinions and or vote YES or NO on the Bill before you.

How simple can that be?

The results of the poll would be directly related to your demographic region. Posted right on the web for all to see. And if for reasons beyond the conceptual understanding of the local electorate you must vote contrary to their wishes, you could post an explanation for your dicision that best describes the reasoning behind the vote made. As a result lawmakers would be more apt to speak and listen to their constituents. It would bring an end to backdoor special deals and partisan tactics in the House and Senate. And it would stream line the system and make governing easier.

Best of all lobbying and lobbyists could be eliminated from the process. Good riddance I say! Such entities are in large part the reason behind all the corruption in politics today. The pressure special interests impose on politicians through their campaign contributions would eliminated by the involvement of the people.

When the party or the special interests ask a legislator why they voted a certain way on a given Bill their response would be, "The people have spoken."

The political system would be completely revolutionized. The political arm-twisting that now forces elected politicians into voting a certain way would be a thing of the past. Campaigning could be made much simpler, and the need for huge campaign coffers would be eliminated, making running for office more accessible to a greater majority of the people, not just the politically elite or wealthy.

In my opinion politicians who enact such things as using the Internet in this manner are sure to be the hero of the people. I know they will have my vote.

Why Imposing Term Limits Makes Sense

Personally I don't feel we should wait for congress to impose terms limits on themselves. I feel we the people should impose term limits at the ballot box. It would be as simple as voting out the incumbent at each and every election cycle unless the incumbent has shown by action that he/she is representing the will of the people in his/her area. How hard is that?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stop Health Care - Sign The Restraining Order

We live in unprecedented times, when elected official can "Deem and Pass" legislation without a majority. These unrestrained politicians represent only their special interests and personal agenda. How did they get there? That's another story. Where are they taking us? That is the big issue. How do we stop them. One way to stop them is to use the law against them.
By filing an Injunction as "The American People -vs- The U.S. Legislature"

Injunction are used to stop someone from doing something that could adversely affect the party filling the injunction. In this case the American people are filing an Injunction against the Federal Government because the actions of the government if left unchecked will adversely and irreparably affect the welfare of the people. This is exactly what an injunction is for.

If you oppose the current Health Care Bill simply sign your name, city and state as a comment under this post when we have enough signatures we will file the injunction. Nobody will call you or bug you about it. We don't need your money just your signature, city and state.