Friday, April 30, 2010

Racial Profiling Scam in Arizona

What President Obama and the Liberal Progressive far left are doing in Arizona is despicable. Trying to seize on the fears of Mexican Americans in order to create outrage and bolster support for their mid-term elections coming up.
People like Al Sharpton should be ashamed of themselves for using the crisis in Arizona for personal fame and fortune. It is all a political money venture. A distraction used by a failure of a congress to try and sway people by creating a crisis.
It is intellectual dishonesty to suggest that the law past to enforce the laws that already exist would somehow take well serving police and border patrol officers and turn them into insane bigots bent on racial profiling. How absurd can you get? Who would even buy into such idiocy?
Well there you have it a lot of people will believe anything they hear coming from the mouth of these politicians and media outlets.
Get a clue people the media both left and right use controversy to spur ratings. The hook for a popular right of center media outlet today was that the new law was creating racial profiling. Kind of grabs you and makes you want to listen to what they have to say. That is the point people. But the truth will set you free.
The truth is no law needed to be passed for anyone to be a bigot, and the passage of the law will not force those who would normally respect all people to turn into bigoted monsters.
The truth is the new law does forbid racial profiling and anyone who stops anyone on the street simply because they assume they are illegal will find themselves in court.
The truth is the new Arizona law upholds the constitution.
The truth is they are only trying to protect the people of the State of Arizona from further harm. They are just trying to stop the violence and give the Sheriff and Police the power to actually do their job without fear of being sued, so long as they do their job under the legal framework outlined by the law.
As too the suggestion that someone stopping a person of Hispanic decent and asking them about their legal status being somehow a kind of racial profiling, that too is a intellectual dishonest assumption.
If a border patrol officer watching the people climbing over the fence in those border video's they have been airing on the news was asked to give a description of the men crossing the border illegally in the video what do you suppose that description would be; "Ah I don't know, he was male or female, somewhere between black and white with a build something like a man, and he/she was wearing clothes with colors." Come on how ridiculous can you be.
The guy would most likely say; "It was a male about medium build around 5' 7" of Hispanic decent with a dark work out suit, having a white stripe going down the side.

Would he be a racial profiler for giving that description? Absolutely not! And neither were the Border Patrol who used to show up at my field during the 1980's when I farmed for a living. They would show up and guess what, they were not looking for a man by the name of Howard Johnson. They were mostly questioning Hispanic males and that is because that is who was out in my field. And if the police stop and question a Hispanic man who is acting suspicious or doesn't possess any ID that would help the officer to determine his legal or illegal status it is perfectly alright for the officer to detain that individual and hold him for further questioning pending proof of citizenship or greencard. He is not racial profiling simply because the person is Hispanic or Korean, or any other race other than white.
And frankly I am very worried when our President doesn't come out supporting the above thesis but rather suggesting that he is more concerned about the law abiding then he is the law breakers.
It makes me wonder how can he possible navigate us through the treacherous waters of foreign affairs if he can't even handle a simple domestic problem like securing our borders.

It's time for action not wimp noodle politics. It's time for courageous people to step up and do the right thing regardless of the fringe elements that protest any and everything they deem as racial.
Keeping the border safe is a national security issue not just an Arizona issue. That is why I am supporting the Arizona legislature on this one. Good job and well done.

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