Monday, April 5, 2010

Redefining Politics

As a conservative I wish everything in the political world went my way, but I realize I may not speak for the majority of the people, which brings up a few interesting questions.

Why is it so hard for politicians to just vote the will of the people?

Why is it when the majority of Americans polled voice their opposition to some legislative action being suggested by the government that our elected officials feel the freedom to vote their will over the will of their constituents?

I mean how hard could it be in this age of electronic information to determine the will of the people in your district or state on any given measure?

When most everyone has access to a computer, either at home or the local library. You could simply post a survey poll on your personal political website where constituents could login and vote on anything; you could run a community forums as an online townhall meeting and list pros and cons of the measure and then ask your constituents to voice their opinions and or vote YES or NO on the Bill before you.

How simple can that be?

The results of the poll would be directly related to your demographic region. Posted right on the web for all to see. And if for reasons beyond the conceptual understanding of the local electorate you must vote contrary to their wishes, you could post an explanation for your dicision that best describes the reasoning behind the vote made. As a result lawmakers would be more apt to speak and listen to their constituents. It would bring an end to backdoor special deals and partisan tactics in the House and Senate. And it would stream line the system and make governing easier.

Best of all lobbying and lobbyists could be eliminated from the process. Good riddance I say! Such entities are in large part the reason behind all the corruption in politics today. The pressure special interests impose on politicians through their campaign contributions would eliminated by the involvement of the people.

When the party or the special interests ask a legislator why they voted a certain way on a given Bill their response would be, "The people have spoken."

The political system would be completely revolutionized. The political arm-twisting that now forces elected politicians into voting a certain way would be a thing of the past. Campaigning could be made much simpler, and the need for huge campaign coffers would be eliminated, making running for office more accessible to a greater majority of the people, not just the politically elite or wealthy.

In my opinion politicians who enact such things as using the Internet in this manner are sure to be the hero of the people. I know they will have my vote.

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