Monday, May 11, 2009

Say So Long To Democracy PART 1

It's just amazing how quickly the left dismisses the voice of the people if that voice happens to resemble Jesus or have any biblical underpinnings.
Case in point; last week President Obama completely dismissed the National Day of Prayer. Why? I don't know why? Perhaps because it was instituted in commemoration of our constitution, wherein the founding fathers of this nation discerned that we should live free as people but we should never forget where that freedom comes from. That as citizens we have been endowed by our CREATOR with certain inalienable rights. That those rights include but are not limited to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now in 2009 the thugs in Washington have taken to rewriting our constitution, and in the name of progressiveness they want to change those rights from the previously mentioned to the right to handouts, health care, and the pursuit of bailouts.

This is no longer a government for the people by the people. It is now a government for the government by the politicians. In the name of progress the mass of the electorate in America being uneducated, ill-informed or just plain dumb, have sold the minority out. The few people that did see this coming are the true Americans and the true conservatives. Such people were never in bed with George Bush although we did see the logic behind some of his policies. There were times however that we cringed at the things being done by the previous administration. So you can't link us to the old guard, and you can't link us to the new guard.

The new guard of expansive intrusionistic government and 1930 Chicago style political strong arming. But this time Eliot Nees and the FBI are not hunting them down they are helping them out. This new mafia has realized the error of the old and adapted. Now instead of working outside the law they working in the name of law. This new brand of Mafia doesn't break the law if the law doesn't allow them to do what they want, they just simply rewrite the law to fit their wants and desires.

What we want is America the beautiful back. The America that had a soul, cared about the family(the historic institution of marriage), cared about the unborn, cared about the poor, cared about the nations security, cared about the role we play in the world, cared about the reputation of the those holding office, and held officials at every level to high standards of ethical and moral behavior. That America that spawned the industrial revolution of the early 1900's and the technological revolution of the later half of the 20th century. That America where great minds like Einstein, Edison, and Wright changed the way we live forever. That America of invention and innovation is all but gone. The true entrepreneurial spirit has been squelched by the bailout the to big to fail mindset of a few Washington elites.

These people do not serve the greater good or the best interests of this nation. As I have said in other blogs before. You can't spend your way out of financial trouble. You must work your way out! That requires freeing the innovative spirit of this country.

Those in Washington would argue, but we are free the spirit of innovation, to combat global warming, to unlock alternative energy, and rebuild the American infrastructure.

It is interesting how blind these politicians are to their own power grab. They wield the power so we must invest our creative energy in their pet project or we don't get any money. That is not freedom gentle men that is coercion and that is slavery. It is just a legal form of slavery. And worst yet there is no guarantee in their strategy. They have not guaranteed a thing.

They say this will work but have never produced any true figures that show how what they are doing can be done without creating massive long term debt in the future. A future in which they will no longer be holding the bag. They intend to change our way of life and then leave us holding the bag. They intend to give away everything they can in order to weaken us to the point that we are no longer a world super power. I believe that to be their ultimate goal, how else do you explain it? All I have to say people is rise up, RISE UP! Or say So long to democracy as you know it.

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