Friday, August 28, 2009

Housing Still In Crisis!

Remember Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the out cry over the whole sub prime mortgage debacle. It always kinda bothered me that we never got a straight answer on who was to blame for that. I mean they did blame the banks and speculators but were they really the problem. I mean if the answer now is we need greater oversight and regulation in the housing sector, doesn't that kinda point the finger back at congress.

Who is in charge of regulating? The congress! Who is in charge of oversight? The government! So why then did government officials get a pass on this one. Why is it that no major media outlets have kept the spotlight on this and investigative reporters have not done extensive expose on this. No heads have rolled and government officials have been publicly scrutinized for this.

But be very careful writing a bonus check to a corporate executive these days because you might find yourself in court. We can deal with keeping secrets another time.

This is not the time for secrecy. This is the time for exposure of the facts so in an effort to be forth right with the facts I posted the following video for your viewing pleasure. See if this doesn't not shed some light on who is to blame for our current financial situation. One quick apologize here to any liberal progressives that might watch this. Sorry it wasn't Bush!

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