Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am sitting here thinking about how terrible I felt watching as John McCain lost the election. Why was I so upset? Was it because I don't like Obama or was it because I feared what this would mean for my nation? Where does my deep disapproval of President Obama come from? It's not about race, I could care less about race. It's not about likability, he is a very likable guy. Neither is it about intelligence, he is extremely intelligent in my opinion.

It all comes back to trust and policy. The fact is I just don't trust him. there is this deep sense that underneath the surface of that likable exterior is a black liberation social fascist. On top of that I deeply disagree with his policies, e.g., his approach to our faltering economy, his approach on Iraqi withdrawal, his tax policy, his social reform policy, his energy policy, and his desire make deep cuts in military defense.

These are all deal breakers for me. I think these policy will ultimately hurt our nation. Only time will tell what this all means for our nation. I am resolved to pray for President elect Obama and for our country that God will be merciful and lessen the impact of the unwise policies he has planned to implement during his reign.

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  1. You should see Bill Maher's new movie, "Religulous". You might find that film pretty thought-provoking.